homestyle italian south of the north


Most of you, if not all, would proclaim the North End as Boston’s hub for Italian food and culture.

You’re not wrong.

The North End – coined Boston’s Little Italy – is home to over one hundred Genovese, Sicilian, Milanese, and Neapolitan eateries within just one square mile. Given the popular acclaim, history, and touristy nature of the North End, homestyle Italian food is often shamelessly overlooked in other neighborhoods.

You’re missing out.

Two sister restaurants in the South End – La Motta’s and Cinquecento – can serve up bolognese just like the rest of ‘em. Their homestyle, warm red sauce cooking manifests in both restaurants, though they each present different dining experiences aesthetically and conceptually.

Cinquecento is the pinnacle of al-fresco dining. Their enchanting, quaint patio (which, by the way, just debuted for summer officially last week) sits under strings of enchanting tea lights. They focus on their Roman roots –both aesthetically and in their cuisine. You’ll find that the cocktail menu is simple and light yet avant-garde, utilizing everyday favorites like prosecco, gin, and bourbon. Their menu conveys comfort, with Italian classics like antipasti, bolognese, and veal tenderloin.  

La Motta’s menu is similar in nature. The food and decor are intended to tell stories of their Italian-American heritage. They work hard to ensure each dish conveys comfort and familiarity. With their various meat, fish, and pasta entrees we think they hit the nail on the head.

Moral of the story? If you want good, familiar, homestyle Italian food in a cozy, intimate environment, Cinquecento and La Motta’s are great choices for your next #datenight or #sundayfunday.

Visit their websites for more information: Cinquecento, La Motta's

Did you know? Both La Motta’s and Cinquecento are sought after brunch destinations as well, known for their characteristic Italian egg, meat and cheese breakfast dishes.