shots fired! literally.


Floating rubber ducks, torched shots - you name it and Highball Lounge does it. Locals know Highball as the 'adult playground'. The walls are willfully adorned with hand-scribbled crayon art, and the surfaces are overlaid with old school board games that I bet you haven't thought about since 1991 (Hungry Hippos, Operation, and Jenga just to name a few). Whether the bartenders are breathing fire into your shot glass or dropping a rubber ducky into your rosé, you are always guaranteed a hip cocktail that tastes as good as it looks.

Watch as we step behind the bar with cocktail guru Matt Schrage and learn how to craft some of Highball’s ‘fan favorites’. 

A sincere thank you to the super talented Colin Beatt of Beatt Productions for producing this video. 

Also thanks to Bobby and Matt from Highball for letting us get this exclusive and up close look.