seeing is believing: boston's most gram-worthy grub

Did it really happen if you didn’t Instagram it? Is seeing believing when it comes to food? As a blogger, I understand the importance of #foodporn on social media. In our digital world, platforms like Instagram and Facebook really do drive business for restaurateurs and small businesses. Read on for the top five most ‘gram-worthy’ grub spots in Boston. 


STUFFED Double Chin is named not for its indulgent goodies, but after the Chin sisters who own and operate the cozy Chinatown restaurant. In an effort to differentiate in a presumably unvaried market, Gloria and Emily Chin focus on providing customers funky food concepts with Asian flare. In being the avant-garde of new-Asian cuisine, I'd give them an A+ as their cubed toast plate (featured below) hits the nail on the head.

The base of the toppling tower is a hallowed out brioche filled with ice cream of choice (strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, or green tea). The ice cream stuffed brioche is topped with warm red beans, matcha milk, and pocky cookie sticks. The plate is then heavily garnished with cubed fruits, corn flake cereal, and mochi bits. Take a picture…. it’ll last longer in this case!

DC II.jpg


YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CREPE AND EAT IT TOO A hidden gem, Sakura Sunakku sits tucked away behind a slew of closely stacked commercial businesses on Beach Street in the heart of Chinatown. The Japanese food shop produces breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates but is best known for their sweet and savory crepe creations.

Coming in hot (or cold), Sakura offers over 18 renditions of the well-known innovative crepe towers- from sweet crepes made of ice cream and chocolate, to savory crepes stuffed with meats and cheeses. A top-seller: the Matcha Cocoa Crepe featured here. This sweet crepe contains sliced strawberries, red bean, matcha custard cream, matcha ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle, and two strawberry pocky sticks.



A LIGHTBULB MOMENT I had a light bulb moment, and it was filled with delicious chocolate Oreo shake.

Hi B3ar first stole the hearts of foodies and bloggers alike when it brought to Boston the concept of Thai rolled ice cream. The small dessert shop uses cold plates to transform liquid cream into beautifully rolled ice cream tubes– a process so unique you have to see to believe.

They recently just launched the edition of ‘light bulb’ shakes to their menu – yes, shakes served in a plastic bulb. The best part? You get to take your light bulb home with you.

u1nnamed (1).jpg


FREAKY FRAPPES Boston Burger Company is a popular casual-American burger joint with multiple locations all throughout Boston and Cambridge. Of course, they are known for their variant burger menu, craft beer selections, and gourmet fries - but more undisclosed are their boozy milkshakes or ‘freaky frappes’ as they call them.

These towering bombshells come in over six different seasonal flavors and are the perfect 'morning after' remedy. Not only are they a thing of beauty, but also they are downright delicious. Featured here is the Oreo milkshake based with vanilla ice cream, Oreo, and chocolate sauce. Be prepared to #rollout. 

And quick PSA - if day drinking is not your thing, don’t fear, they come liquor free as well.



PUFF DADDY Monkey King Tea is Malden’s neighborhood gem. The small café serves up a variety of small snacks, bubble teas, smoothies, and most importantly puffle cones. Curious what the heck a puffle cone is? See below.

These curious cones are based with gaidanjai – which is another word for egg waffle. The Monkey King Tea shop has perfected (and invented, for that matter) the ice cream egg waffle cone concept. Their colorful creations are topped with Oreo crumbs, fruity pebbles, mangos, sprinkles, chocolates, and much, much more.