a dose of vitamin sea

Saltie Girl was everything I hoped it would be.

I was immediately mesmerized by the enchanting, nautical themes and sea-pixie inspiration. The small, intimate restaurant sits on the intersection of Dartmouth and Newbury Street. On one side of the dining room are stacked booths intertwined between large bronze bannisters braided in nautical sea rope. Adjacent to the dining area is Saltie Girl's full service bar. The wall behind the bar is wrapped in vintage, patterned, pastel wallpaper and overplayed with shelves of intricate liquor bottles. The bar itself is encrusted with multi-shade blue and green fish gills - definitely a captivating and eye catching aesthetic touch.

The host brought my friend and I to the table and our waiter, Michael, greeted us right away. I knew I was going to have a wonderful experience when Michael grabbed my hand and assured me that we were going to 'have some fun'. 

Immediately, my friend and I ordered 'The Pineapple'. This cocktail is what drew me into Saltie Girl. A mixture of Elyz, Yuzu, Lemongrass, and Citrus Soda, The Pineapple is served in a large, copper pineapple goblet. Intended for two, the drink is served with two solid copper straws and garnished with a hydrated pineapple sliver and mint leaf. I was in awe over how tasty the cocktail was. It went down so smooth and certainly maintained a perfect balance of ingredients. My friend and I enjoyed it so much that we ended up ordering a second over the course of the meal.

Michael started us off with one of Saltie Girl's unique seafood tins. The tinned fish menu offers a wide variety of fish and shellfish, each served in a compact tin dish. Michael brought us the tinned muscles and they were served with artisanal bread and house churned sea salt butter. This dish was eloquent, delicious, and an interesting and unconventional way to portray the raw bar. 

Next up, Michael brought over the torched salmon belly plate. One word: wow. The salmon itself was lightly torched, giving it a unique and delicious texture. The salmon was served over a bed of avocado, garnished with cucumber and green apple chunks, and topped with a sprinkle of cilantro and a miso glaze. My friend and I quite literally licked the plate clean. The craftsmanship was just as noteworthy as the taste and flavor. The dish was eloquently constructed with carefully placed elements and great usage of colors and texture.

Michael now told us we needed to take a minute to'rest up' for the main attraction - the lobster and waffles dish. His definition of 'rest up' is probably quite different than yours and mine. In our 'resting' phase, he brought us three small bite plates: snow crab served atop toast coated in avocado and pistachios, tuna tartar, and handmade gnocchi sprinkled with caviar. My friend favored the toasted gnocchi, while I found myself popping piece after piece of tuna tartar into my mouth like I was eating a bowl of popcorn.

Now, I bet you'd think we were stuffed to the brim with salmon, muscles, toast, gnocchi, tuna, and so on. If you think so, you're right! But did that stop us from ordering the 'main attraction'? Hell no.

Michael brought out the fried lobster and waffles plate and our jaws dropped to the floor. The lightly fried lobster chunks were sitting atop a thick, buttermilk waffle. The plate was served with a dollop of sweet corn butter and maple syrup fused with small hints of Chile flake.

Do you guys know the feeling of being so full you could burst but you still eat because something tastes so damn good? We sure do.

This plate was awe-inspiring.  I noted to Michael that the lobster blended quite well with the buttermilk waffle; almost as if the lobster batter slightly toned down the fishy flavor. The syrup was delicious and a lovely pairing to the other elements on the plate.

It is probably no shock that we licked this plate clean as well. Saying we were full is an understatement, but we were so fortunate to be able to sample so many unique plates, flavors, and pairings.

I left Saltie Girl with a smile on my face. Michael was so well educated and informative, attentive, and downright fun. Both my friend and I gave him a big hug on our way out!

We also give major ups to chef's Kyle and Esteban for delivering not just beautiful, but well crafted and palatable plates.

I would highly recommend Saltie Girl for your next dinner destination. I will certainty be back very soon for my next dose of vitamin sea.

For more information about Saltie Girl, visit their website