north end sandwich shop snags major brownie points


Wicked fresh and crazy good- their mantra is spoken in true New England fashion.

Pauli's is a familiar destination for not just North End natives but visiting tourists. A family business from the get go, Pauli's operates with quality, freshness, and value in mind. Their menu is extremely mixed, with crave-worthy comfort foods as well as simple, healthy options - all at an affordable cost.

My friend and I recently paid the North End staple a visit. At around 12 pm the tiny sandwich shop was jam packed. At first, I was slightly overwhelmed by the menu. In an effort to narrow down my options I asked myself if I wanted to be 'good' and order a salad or vegetable sandwich vs. indulge in something fried, battered, or loaded in meat sauce.

Of course I chose the latter!

My friend and I ordered the Super Mario sub and the lobster roll (Pauli's is well known for their lobster rolls, so I figured I would give it a try). The Super Mario is essentially a meatball sub topped with provolone, mozzarella sticks, and grated cheese.

Pauli's serves lobster rolls two ways: cold with mayo or warm doused in drawn butter. I ordered the warm roll. My friend and I also split the fried onion rings and French fries (diet starts tomorrow...right?).

Both sandwiches were amazing. The lobster meat was falling out of the bun. To boot, it was extremely fresh and well-seasoned. The Super Mario was indeed super filling and super delicious.

It is important to also call out the Pauli's staff. The young women at the counter gave great service. They were full of smiles, very kind, and attentive. You can tell that Pauli's is a family business - they work to develop personal relationships with their guests as well.

On our way out, the girls insisted we take a few snacks for dessert. We ended up with two of their fudge, homemade brownies and two chocolate chunk cookies. Pauli's got major brownie points for the extra grub!

My friends who are native to the North End share my enthusiasm about the subtle sandwich shop:

"Essentially Pauli's consistently has fantastic food."

"They are always super-fast and friendly; great salads. All of the ingredients are very fresh."

For more information, visit their web or follow them on social media @paulisboston