cocktails that will blow your mind

Written by: The Boston Food Journal

Bostonia Public House in Boston's finance district takes the word “garnish” to the next level.

My friends and I planned a Sunday-Funday brunch at Bostonia last weekend. Their cocktail list is quite colorful, with unique selections like the bacon bourbon infused 'Old Fatty' and the fruity ketel-one 'Bro-Mosa'. The cocktail that stole the show, however, was the 'Ultimate Bostonian Bloody Mary'.

This isn't your typical Bloody Mary. Once you receive the tall glass of perfectly crafted cocktail (which includes homemade bloody mix and choice of Vodka or Tequila) the garnish fun can begin. I'm not talking a skimpy ‘celery stick’ garnish either. You are directed to the 'build your own bloody' bar, which presents endless garnish options to engineer the most perfect Bloody Mary tower.

My friends and I took the challenge very seriously and constructed a multi-level Bloody Mary tower that defied the odds. It consisted of jumbo shrimp cocktail, bacon wrapped scallops, green olives, mini powdered sugar donuts, cucumbers, an arrangement of fruits, cheddar cheese chunks, beef jerky, hot peppers, and chocolate (because why not, at that point).

These ultimate Bloody Marys at Bostonia are eye catching, colorful, and obviously a delicious full course meal in it of itself. What is the cost to take part in the fun? - just $17!Also, Bostonia holds frequent competitions for the most extravagant bloody tower! Winners receive a $50 gift card. Make sure to tag them on Instagram! If I have not convinced you yet that a visit to Bostonia is in your near future, I am sure I could seal the deal by noting that the brunch menu is variant, affordable, and simply delicious. Each dish we ordered was thoughtfully constructed, with fresh ingredients and an eye-catching presentation. I would highly recommend the lobster frittata, short rib benedict, or the crab hash (pictured above).

Between the attentive staff, fresh and savory food, affordable pricing, and fun cocktails, Bostonia is the place to be for your next Sunday-Funday.  Happy brunching!