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About Brittany

“ [She] is one of the best social media influencers in the city who makes a direct impact on my clients’ businesses. ”

Nicole Russo / Founder, Nicole Russo Communications

Brittany grew up in a home where “being full and eating have nothing in common”. Her love of food is what sparked the creation of The Boston Food Journal in 2015. The BFJ is a marketing platform leveraged by brands, businesses and restaurants and operates as a dining and cultural resource for local New Englanders. Brittany covers a wide variety of cuisines (though she proudly favor all things SUGAR) and feels so proud to foster and lead a community of foodies in her favorite city.

Brittany works full time as a social media manager for a global retail brand. She surrounds herself in the digital world each day and leverages her knowledge of project management, digital media, and engineering to identify social strategies and trends.

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